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Fia Colibri knows all about secrets and promises and lies. 

Raised in Cirque du Soleil and trained as an aerialist, she was just twelve when her father forced her to steal for him. After he abandoned her at a heist on her 17th birthday, she served eight years in prison as an adult. He’s been chasing her ever since, determined to get his cut of the diamonds she cached before her arrest.


Now, Fia wants two things: to hide from her father and to recreate herself. Neither is possible when her car breaks down and she’s stranded in East Ridge, North Dakota, a blip of a town near the Canadian border.


But she’s lonely, tired of running, and bored. Worse, she’s stuck in a podunk town. After meeting Aiden, a lawyer who’s searching for his missing sister Kylie, Fia decides that spending a few days helping this charming man is worth the risk of being found. It’s North Dakota, right? Her father couldn’t possibly find her here. 


Fia and Aiden track Kylie to a nearby renovated Cold War Radar Station. When they investigate, they’re thwarted at every juncture by duplicitous townsfolk, belligerent thugs, and a corrupt police force. As they plumb the secrets of the radar station, they uncover a heartbreaking scheme—and Fia’s new fear isn’t that her father will find her, it’s that she won’t survive.

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© 2023 J. Reed Rich

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