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MG Adventure
The Sunstone Warrior

Eleven-year-old Opal Archer has just been orphaned—for the second time. When she was three, her parents died in a car crash. Now, her grandmother has fallen off a cruise ship. And now, Opal’s new guardians force her to sell her horse, change schools, and work in their convenience store over the summer.


Three weeks after her grandmother’s death, Opal receives a package in the mail containing her grandmother’s handbag, a pair of glasses, a pen, a blank book, and a set of gemstone jewelry. She and her new friend Simon discover that the jewelry fuses with her skin and gives her amazing powers. Like controlling others’ actions and reading their thoughts. She can also become invisible.


When she and Simon investigate, Opal learns she’s descended from Amazons—not the Wonder Woman comic-book variety, but the powerful race of women who call themselves the Daughters of Ares. They protect a strange metal called Aurem on a cloaked island in the South Pacific. The metal, when combined with Sunstones, generates endless energy that could change the balance of power in the world.


Opal is tasked with returning the blank book she’s received—which is really the Daughters’ sacred book. She and Simon travel from Oregon to San Francisco to Los Angeles to the South Pacific, pursued by the Kyranos, a secret society dedicated to destroying the Daughters and stealing the Aurem.


If Opal can find the island, she’ll embark on a new life with the Daughters. But at what price?

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